Center for Entrepreneurship and innovation is an initiative of experts and innovators that aims to promote entrepreneurial and innovative skills among Albanian youth. The vision of CEI is to start a process of transforming Albania into the tech-hub of Europe. Taking in consideration the shortage of skills and the vast demand existing on such skills we hope to contribute in regulating these market forces. Albania has a brilliant and talented youth with huge potential, if directed and trained the right way could be a valuable economic and social resource not only for the country but also for the region. CEI will contribute with setting up incubators for young entrepreneurial minds and new comers into the labor force, setting up courses and training sessions for information technology skills, connecting people that share similar interests and projects hoping to give a boost to start up creation in the Albanian market.

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The purpose of the activities undertaken by the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation will be the identification and addressing of the economic and social issues that relate to Albania’s development in its route to building a stronger economy and in making use of technological advances to improve its welfare.

Undertaking projects that will encourage social enterprise and innovative processes.

Fostering relations with academic institutions, research entities and high-tech companies in the rest of the world.

Encouraging, training and creating opportunities and abilities in our youth to foster and nurture a higher degree of entrepreneurial skills.

The development of the private sector in the areas of entrepreneurship and innovation for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Helping and assisting governmental institutions in the fulfilment of their public duties related to entrepreneurship and innovation. Providing information and support to other NGOs to help them fulfil their missions through the provision of appropriate structures that nurture internal entrepreneurship and the use of innovative processes and techniques.

Help address the gender imbalance in employment, especially in the ICT sector both through those employed by the NGO, and through the provision of training courses for owners of local businesses throughout Albania. Countering the stigma ingrained in Albanian culture against people with physical disabilities and engaging them in our projects, with employment resulting where possible and appropriate.


Adriatic IPA Cross Border Cooperation 2007-2013

The Joint Multilingual Digital Mass Media

Entrepreneurial Farmers Initiative




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